It's a buyers' market...
Here are some guidelines about acquiring property in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The process of buying property in the TRNC is fairly straight forward. There are currently four different types of Titles:

Guide to buying a Freehold property
Please note that when purchasing a Freehold property in TRNC, permission must be obtained from the Ministry of Interior. An application must be completed and submitted to the ministry which performs a number of checks that can take between 4 to 8 months to complete The legal fee for this type of purchase is normally 1,000. This includes the drawing up of contract of sale, power of attorney, Purchase Permit application and seeing the sale through to completion.

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About Cyprus
The first inhabitants of Cyprus thought to have migrated to the island from Anatolia, Syria or Palestine between the years of 7000-6500 BC. The mountains of the countries of these people that were claimed to come to the island with rafts when they were escaping from natural hazard and enemy attacks are seen from the island in open weathers. The name of Cyprus which is the most important island in the Eastern Mediterranean, took from the rich copper mines that were started to process from the Bronze Age. Its locationandits natural resources such as olives, cereals and grape made Cyprus very important trade center. With these properties, many old civilizations tried to capture it and those which managed, each left behind important cultural heritage and made the island center of attraction. Egyptians, Assyrian, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Louisianans, Venetians and Ottomans were the most important civilizations which ruled the island.Cyprus, which its natural beauties and historical richness is also the center of attraction of todays.